Grace Lutheran Church in Walton, Nebraska


Weddings are a wonderful time of celebration, as you choose 

to have your wedding performed in a church you are making a

statement about the importance of the Triune God in your 

commitment to each other and your life together.  If you are 

interested in having your wedding at Grace Lutheran Church 

please contact us.  Premarital  counseling sessions are required.  

All couples are welcome to be married at Grace Lutheran Church. 


Weddings are first and foremost a worship service.

The Pastor gets final approval of all musical selections.  


- Our sanctuary seats 100 people.

- Cost for use of building for non-members is $250

     (there is no facility or pastoral fee for members).

- Cleaning Deposit is $250.


Our building is 100 years old, and while beautiful, it is not the

friendliest space for people with limited mobility.   Restrooms

are in the basement.  Changing areas for the wedding party are

also in the basement. 


Photography and videotapes of the ceremony are permitted and must be taken from the rear of the sanctuary. Photographers are not permitted in the chancel during the ceremony.