Grace Lutheran Church in Walton, Nebraska

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a ministry offered by Grace Lutheran for over 25 years.  Our VBS is for children of all ages.  We have dedicated volunteers to teach bible stories, make crafts, have fun with food, lead science experiments, and play!  We average less than 20 kids each year, meaning that we will get to know your child and no one will get lost in a sea of kids.

These pictures are from the 2021 Vacation Bible School that was held  June 28 through July 1.  The years theme was 'River of Life'. Each days lesson focused on water:, including  the creation, the baptism of Jesus, Jesus calming the water, and God providing water to the travelers in the desert.  

In 2023, the theme was Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity.

All children are welcome!

The 2021 VBS Program, "River of Life"  scenery was made by Jodelle & Lonnie Albers. A jeep, camper, river, waterfall and bridge made this program realistic and fun for the kids.